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Jun 5, 2011

Some handy stuff to carry on learning

Don't give up good habits during the summer, carry on listening, reading, writing and speaking English. 
  • Some speaking tips:
Click here if you' re interested in finding out  more.
  • Listening:
Click here to read some tips to improve your listening skills.
Click here to watch lots of native speakers talking on a variety of topics. 
  • Reading:
Click here for some reading tips.
Click here to read about a rare disorder. Thank you for sending the link, Mª Jesús.
  • Writing:
Different types of writing Writing tips: Essay builder
Some printable writing exercises 
Formal letters writing tips 
Try this activity.
  • Vocabulary:
Click here to check your vocabulary on different topics. 
  • Grammar:
Grammar exercises  
Passive voice exercise 1 
Passive voice exercise 2 
Passive voice exercise 3 
Reported speech 
The future tense exercise 

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