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Mar 20, 2011

NI2 Discussing public/private medicine.

The UK NHS, the national health service, is a system that provides free medical care and is paid for through taxes. On its website you can find out plenty of information related to health issues.
As we are going to discuss public/private medicine in class, why don't you read About the NHS?  In addition to getting some information to support your opinion it will help you to compare it with our own national health service. 
You can also find lots of videos on how to prevent and cope with  some  health problems, like flu , which is worth watching.

Mar 13, 2011

NA1 How I trained my husband (File 4B)

Mª Jesús has posted a link to an interview with Amy Sutherland talking about the article "How I trained my husband" you can read in your textbook (p.57). If you are interested in listening to it, click here. There are also some  questions you can try to answer.

 I strongly recommend Equals and Four great talks for International Women's Day (don't miss Isabel Allende's talk, it's brilliant!), also posted in Mª Jesús's blog.

Mar 11, 2011

NA1 Japan massive quake

Click here to watch the BBC coverage of Japan earthquake and here if you want to watch a CCN report Mª Jesús has posted.