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Jun 9, 2011

BBC News

Click on the link  below and spend a little time listening and watching  news reports and breaking news bulletins from the BBC every day,  as you do in SpanishYour  listening skills  will get better and better. 

BBC News One-minute World News and more 

To find out about the BBC iplayer, which allows you to listen to the BBC radio and TV programmes on different devices, click here

Jun 5, 2011

Some handy stuff to carry on learning

Don't give up good habits during the summer, carry on listening, reading, writing and speaking English. 
  • Some speaking tips:
Click here if you' re interested in finding out  more.
  • Listening:
Click here to read some tips to improve your listening skills.
Click here to watch lots of native speakers talking on a variety of topics. 
  • Reading:
Click here for some reading tips.
Click here to read about a rare disorder. Thank you for sending the link, Mª Jesús.
  • Writing:
Different types of writing Writing tips: Essay builder
Some printable writing exercises 
Formal letters writing tips 
Try this activity.
  • Vocabulary:
Click here to check your vocabulary on different topics. 
  • Grammar:
Grammar exercises  
Passive voice exercise 1 
Passive voice exercise 2 
Passive voice exercise 3 
Reported speech 
The future tense exercise