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Jan 27, 2011

NA1 Describing the weather...Watch the weather forescast.

  •  Do you usually watch the weather forecast in the news? Train your listening skills and expand your vocabulary on the topic watching the latest weather forecasts for UK and Europe and a news report called `Snow causes travel chaos in US´on Sky News and on the BBC

  • Watch the video below to revise and learn ways of answering the question "What's the weather like?" from real people interviewed in the street...

Jan 19, 2011

NI2 What's your shopping pet peeve?

A pet peeve or pet hate is something that you dislike very much, or that makes you extremely angry. For example, my shopping pet peeve is struggling with my packed trolley through the aisles, because, as everybody knows, they tend to turn right when you just want to go straight on to reach the long queue at the checkout.
Click here to watch Paul talking about his shopping pet peeve. On the right, there are links to do a quiz and to check the transcript.
Paul's told you his shopping peeve and so have I. How about you? Leave your shopping pet peeve in Comments.

Jan 18, 2011


    • For my NI2 students: As you know, you are sitting your B1 Certificate Exam in June. I think it is really important that you are aware of what you will be asked and expected to do, therefore take your time to read La guía del candidato carefully. Focus on the information about your level: Nivel Intermedio B1.

    Jan 14, 2011

    NA1 How To Secure Your Home (Home Security)

    Yesterday we were learning some tips to prevent our homes from being burgled. I've found this video providing further information.  
    Watch  How To Secure Your Home (Home Security) once, then watch it again while you read the script below to check how much you understood.

    NA1 File 3A Extra Practice

    •  Vocabulary
    Do this listening comprehension activity to get  familiar with Some legal terms. I took it from   ELLA English Language Lab Asturias, a site where you can do activities on-line. I strongly recommmend it.
    Mª Jesús has posted some links to revise and extend vocabulary of Crime & Punishment in her blog. Click here to see them.
    • Grammar
    Revise the Passive Tenses and Active Equivalents and practise here and here
    Passive Voice: Forms, Uses & Exercises

    Jan 7, 2011

    New links...Browse the right column, you might find something useful, interesting, enjoyable...

    I've recently added some new links, I hope you find them helpful and take advantage of them to improve your English.
    Be practical and sensible, I mean, don't try everything- you might get lost and waste your time. 
    For example, if  your weakness is pronunciation browse the pronunciation  sites, bookmark / add to favourites those providing the practice you need and visit them now and then.
    • Grammar:
    • Pronunciation:
    • Listening:
    • English through music:

    Jan 6, 2011

    NA1 Telling stories

    Do you like reading stories?  I've found a great website where you can read and listen to American stories written by well-known authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London, Mark Twain... 

    • Would you like to improve your reading, listening and pronunciation while you enjoy a good story?

    • Stories are normally told in the past tense, so it's really important that you pronounce the past forms correctly.

    Practise with some of the verbs in this Regular Verbs List

    • Mini-saga competition: (Textbook p.28)
    Are you a good story teller? Could you write a story in exactly 50 words?
    Why don't you try writing your own `incredibly short stories´and leave them on comments?

    The readers of the blog can vote for their favourites. Let's make this blog a lively and interactive place!


    Jan 2, 2011

    New Year Resolutions

    A new year has just begun and people all over the world have made their new year resolutions. You can read some of them in the links below.
    Have you made any? Would you like to share them with us? Write them down on Comments.