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Oct 30, 2010

NI2 Extra Practice ( File 4C )

Click  here, read the explanation and do the exercises.
Click  here to read a collection of funny ideas some  people used to believe in when they were children. On the left there is a list of sections, which includes school and at home, I suggest starting with them.
I bet you won't dare to post a comment sharing what you used to believe in when you where children.


  1. I used to believe that my oldest brother's car had a special turbo button and when he pressed it nobody could catch us up!

  2. Cool!!! You made me lose my bet. So, I owe you one in return.
    As I was a youngest child, brought up in a traditional strict family and educated in a religious strict single sex school, I used to be really scared of everything. Every time I misbehaved I was convinced I deserved tough punishment and I used to have terrible nightmares with giant threatening religious statues which would take me to some awful place.
    Normally, I ended up sleeping in my parents' bed and making a clean breast of it so that I could stop feeling guilty.
    My parents used to calm me down, but I hardly ever got away with it, they would punish me and I'd get what I deserved.