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Jan 6, 2011

NA1 Telling stories

Do you like reading stories?  I've found a great website where you can read and listen to American stories written by well-known authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London, Mark Twain... 

  • Would you like to improve your reading, listening and pronunciation while you enjoy a good story?

  • Stories are normally told in the past tense, so it's really important that you pronounce the past forms correctly.

Practise with some of the verbs in this Regular Verbs List

  • Mini-saga competition: (Textbook p.28)
Are you a good story teller? Could you write a story in exactly 50 words?
Why don't you try writing your own `incredibly short stories´and leave them on comments?

The readers of the blog can vote for their favourites. Let's make this blog a lively and interactive place!



  1. Revenge is cheap
    Tom punched his neighbour furiously last week. They are in court now. The judge has quickly sentenced Tom to pay a fine of 60€ to the victim. Tom looks pleased. "It is worth", he whispers. Then, he goes nearer his neighbour, punchs him again and drops 120€ on the ground.

    (It is not an original idea, but based on an urban legend)

  2. Great, Isabel! Thanks for breaking the ice...Looking forward to reading more stories.

  3. Well, I'm not in NA1, but I'd like to share my story: "The message"

    It was 4:30 in the morning when a new message rang on my mobile. I began sweating with fear, since I had been waiting that terrible news for weeks: I stretched my trembling hand and took my phone and I began reading… movistar offered me to send half price messages!

  4. Well done Joaquín! Thanks for taking part.