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Nov 9, 2010

NI2 Write an advert for a house / flat to rent.

Imagine you have a house / flat to rent, click on comments and post your adverts . Follow the guidelines on p.65 in your books, and try to make people who read it choose your house / flat for their next holiday. 

 Mª Ángeles asked me to post a picture of her house to rent.  I think Lola's right, it's perfect for throwing a Halloween party.Would you rent it? I dare you!




    Would you like to stay in this gloomy house? It’s an enormous house with five floors. Be careful! If you stay in the first floor for an hour and you go up the second floor, the stairs will disappear and you won’t be able to go down again.

    All the doors must be opened always because if you close the only one door, all of them, will close and you won’t be able to go out never ever.

    It has a lot of coffins instead of beds, which are ideal for sleeping warm and quiet.

    You’ll be completely isolated because it doesn’t have phone, Internet, television or radio, so if you have any problems, nobody will help you.

    In the night-time you’ll hear screams of terror and baby’s crying. Furthermore, the walls and windows will bleed when the storm breaks.

    Finally, the neighbours are very affectionate and charming because they’ll visit you when you have a shower. They are monsters, vampires, zombies, ghosts, witches, mummies, skeletons and spirits. They usually throw their heads each other. It’s so amazing!

    Mª Ángeles Galindo Barrena. NI2.

  2. Sorry but I don't like your houses for live but maybe I'll phone you the next year for celebrating Halloween in your houses with my friens.Would you like it?

    Lola Sanchez NI2

  3. Hi Lola!

    I think it's a great idea. You and your friens will enjoy and maybe, you'll be frightened.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Mª Ángeles Galindo Barrena. NI2.

  4. I rent a house in a small village. It is perfectly situated in the square of the village, opposite of the church. It is a two flats house with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living room, a large kitchen and a patio with a well full. All bedrooms and the living room have very big windows and they are fully equipped. However, there is not washing machine and there is not dishwasher.

    The village has 100 inhabitants and does not have shopping or entertainment areas, only a small bar. However, you have direct contact with the nature. The village It is a 15 minutes drive from a bigger village with all the services.

    You have a nice view from the house because you can see the mountains and you can walk through of them, if you want. Two large reservoirs is near the village and you can catch some fishes to have lunch, for example.

    If you are interested in the house, you can phone to 3333333333.

  5. Maria Angeles, your house is really frightened and very awesome,But I wouldn´t like to live there at all.If I know anyone who wants to rent your house I´ll tell about it.

  6. Would you like to live in an old lighthouse in the Spanish coast?

    It’s an inactive lighthouse that was built at the beginning of the 18th century. The outside keeps its original appearance, with red and white stripes, but the inside is a well appointed house.

    It has a small kitchen full equipped, a dining room, two bathrooms and four bedrooms. To go up you can use the lift. There are spectacular views from the top, which has been completely transformed in a circular balcony. This room is perfect to see whales, dolphins… or just to enjoy seeing the sea. There is a little colony of seagulls that usually alight on the railing.

    The nearest neighbours are a tiny town of fishermen, and you can go on foot across the path next to the cliff. People are friendly and warm. There are some small stores and a typical homemade food restaurant.

    If you look for a peaceful place, far from noises and pollution, this is the ideal house for you.

    Come on! Call now!

    Phone: 555 137 269

  7. Dolores, thank you for your comment. If you find anyone who wants to rent my house, please, call me.
    I love you, sister.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Would you be able to visit this remarkable house?
    If you can, this is your opportunity!

    It’s a terraced house in a quite residential area of Mérida called Montealto.
    The build is a three-storey house. The ground floor is an enormous garage.
    You can park at least two cars. At the end of the garage, there is a cosy
    fireplace and a sofa close to it to spend free time having a rest with friends.

    The first floor has a beautiful kitchen, a bathroom, a spacious living-room
    and also a dining-room. This floor is connected to a huge patio with an ideal
    swimming-pool surrounded by plants.

    The second floor is ready for rest. It has two bathrooms and four bedrooms
    with large balconies.
    An important point: the house has central heating.

    Finally, the neighbourhood is very quiet and children can play in the street
    without danger.
    It’s the perfect house for families with or without children.
    By the way, you can have pets, of course. A lot of neighbours have.
    If you want it, you’d must see it.

    MªJosé Fernández Tejeda.

  10. Diana Rodríguez Recio. 2º N.I.- Group A


    Do you need a beautiful house to live in?
    Then, rent this superb penthouse. It´s perfectly situated in the Champs Elysées, between the Eiffel Tower and the Arch of Triumph, a six- minute walk from the Louvre Museum and a short drive from Notre Dame Cathedral.
    It´s a spacious penthouse on the 10th floor of a renovated building with five bedrooms, a magnificient living room with French windows from which you´ll be able to see wonderful sunrises and sunsets, as well as breathtaking views of the city.
    Furthermore, it´s got a kitchen, three bathrooms with a spa, a gym, an indoor swimming pool and a cinema where you and your family will be able to watch your favourite films.
    The neighbourhood is ideal for people who work in the centre of Paris or love to live surrounded by art.
    It´s a fifteen- minute walk to the bus station. Charles de Gaulle airport is less than twenty minutes away by taxi and there´s a subway station on the same street.
    This penthosue is perfect for couples or families with children. It´s a no-smoking house and definitely no pets.


    Would you like to spend your holidays in a dream house? Would you like to enjoy an incomparable landscape? If you usually dream about this, don’t hesitate and don´t miss this opportunity.
    It’s a two–storey house which was built with stone and wood but that has been renovated recently to offer modern amenities. This cosy house is situated in “La Vera”, in the north of Cáceres, in “Garganta de los Infiernos” (Hells’ Gorge) to be precise.
    It’s a pretty little house with a living room, a lovely full equipped kitchen / dining room, and a cute bath on the ground floor. The top floor is an attic which has a romantic bedroom with a double bed and a fire place, a little toilet and a games room. This room has vintage games such as table football, billiards and pinball machine and you will be able to request two single beds as well. You can see breathtaking views or you can hear the birds sing from the enormous balcony. This amazing house has wooden floors, internet, central heating but an open fire on the ground floor too, and a kennel for your dog.
    The house is in the middle of the nature and it is walking distance from “Garganta la Olla”, a village (it will take you fifteen minutes), the narrow gorge and natural pool where you can have a bath. Although its water is very cold / freezing, it’s good for your health. The landscapes are wonderful, mainly in spring when the cherry trees are in blossom. You can do lots of activities like self-guided routes, paintball, horse or bike riding… It’s very easy to get here from “Navalmoral de la Mata”, just take the road heading for “Jaraiz de la Vera”.
    This house is perfect for couples and lovers, besides you can bring your children and pets but it’s a no-smoking house.
    Phone: 666 555 432
    Contact: Antonio Nieto Lozano

  12. Views over Paris

    Rent a superb penthouse flat in Paris, near the river. It is perfectly situated
    Near the Orsay museum and a twenty- minute walk from the Eiffel tower.

    It’s an ideal flat on the top floor of a modern building. It has two bedrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen with an intelligent fridge which orders food from the supermarket and two bathrooms, the main bathroom with a Jacuzzi. All the rooms have stylish furnishings and big windows with magnificent views, but the most important and breathtaking view is from the huge balcony, where you can enjoy a lovely dinner seeing over Paris.

    The neighbourhood is safe and quiet quite at night. This is a perfect place for a person who likes going out because there are a lot of theatres, clubs, restaurants and museums around, and the subway station is in front of the building.

    This penthouse is ideal for couples. You will love it.
    Lola NI2

  13. Would you like to live in this wonderful house?

    This beautiful house is situated in the middle of “SIERRA NORTE” in MADRID.

    It is an enormous house with six bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms, a spacious living room, an American kitchen, a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna and a jacuzzi.
    It has a garage ,big enough to keep four cars, and lift that connects the three flats.

    You can control your house completely thanks to home automation system, from the temperature of the water in the bath, to rice cooking time.

    Outside you can play tennis in this court, or walk through the large garden.
    If you like skiing, “Rascafría” , a big ski slope, is nearby .Moreover, if you have children you can leave them in the play park.

    This house is perfect for families and pets, and it only costs 500,000€.

    If you're interested... call me!

  14. Thank you for taking part in this activity. Congratulations! They all sound really attractive.
    If I could afford any, I'd rent any of the penthouses in Paris. I do love this city. Maybe Lola's would suit me best because I have no children or pets and, unfortunately, I'm a smoker.
    Which one would you rent?

  15. Do you need to relax and recharge your batteries? You only need to spend a weekend in this superb house and all your stress will disappear!

    This amazing house is situated in Robledillo de la Vera, a little village in the North of Cáceres, and it is oriented to the Gredos mountains so it has breathtaking views, especially in winter since the snow cover the mountains.

    It’s a spacious house with 2 floors and a basement with a magnificent stone facade and a beautiful and well-kept porch full of plants and flowers. The ground floor has a large and country décor kitchen, a light living room, a pleasant dining room with room for 12 people, a little bathroom and a bedroom. Upstairs, there are 4 spacious bedrooms and a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi. Two of these bedrooms have an enormous balcony with spectacular views, where you can breathe the relaxing air of the Vera.

    There is enough room in the basement for 2 cars and there is also another kitchen/dining room and a toilet.

    It’s a quiet and safe neighborhood and the neighbours are really kind and friendly. The village is in the middle of la Vera so it is easy to discover the entire region from here.

    This house has central heating, air conditioner and internet. It’s perfect to families or group of friends that need to have a rest. Sorry, no pets.